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This interface provides on-line access to the LinGO English Resource Grammar (ERG). Using facilities of the (a) Linguistic Knowledge Builder (LKB) grammar engineering platform, (b) high-efficiency PET System parser, (c) Answer Constraint Engine generator, (d) [incr tsdb()] profiling environment, and (d) Redwoods treebanking tools, the interface allows one to input one sentence at a time, analyze it using the ERG, and visualize analysis results in various forms.

To analyze a sentence or fragment, enter it in the input box, then click Analyze. The allow selection below the input box controls whether the parser accepts full sentences and/or fragments, and some degree of robustness and ambiguity in the analyses; the unknown choice controls whether or not to use the unknown-word facility for words not in the 40,000-stem manual lexicon; the search selection controls whether the parser should return all licensed analyses, or only the top-ranked N; the output choice determines the form of the parser output: syntactic parse trees, Minimal Recursion Semantics (MRS), or Elementary Dependency Structures (EDS); and the show selection determines the number of highest-ranked analyses to present. Clicking the Sample button will activate a random selection of a sentence from the CSLI syntactic test suite.

The LOGON on-line pages make relatively heavy use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and (some) JavaScript; while it should be possible to navigate without JavaScript, for the CSS to work properly, one will need a modern, HTML 4.0.1–compliant browser. Please relay bug reports and suggestions for improvement back to the ERG and DELPH-IN developers.

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(This on-line demonstrator is hosted at the University of Oslo)